Last September, Phil Rapp became the first rider to top $6 million in career NCHA earnings. By December 31, High Brow Cat became the first sire to top $6 million in progeny earnings for a calendar year.

For the second straight year, High Brow Cat’s record NCHA earnings topped the season’s leading Quarter Horse racing sire. Race sire Mr Jess Perry led the sprint lists with just over $4 million in earnings. In 2008, High Brow Cat also became just the second horse to pass $30 million in NCHA earnings, joining Smart Little Lena.

Naturally, High Brow Cat’s leading money earner in 2008 was his NCI Building Systems NCHA Futurity champion Metallic Cat, at $250,000. Next in line was his 2007 NCHA Futurity champ High Brow CD, with more than $208,000 added to his total last year. Then came 2008 NCHA Futurity reserve champion Smart Kitty RG at $175,998, followed by 2008 World Champion Ms Peppy Cat at $122,231.

Not surprisingly, the paths of Rapp and High Brow Cat have crossed over the years. Rapp has made more than three-quarters of a million dollars on High Brow Cat offspring in limited age events, led by Cats Full Measure with more than $215,000 in NCHA aged event earnings under Phil Rapp.

Tomorrow, we’ll look at the top money-earning NCHA sires of 2008.