Celebrity is a matter of perspective. Like Hollywood, the horse industry has its stars, and sometimes they even reflect the silver screen. Just for fun, I thought I would share some “pairings,” many of which have come from the equine crowd, including Julie Hansma, (left) who more than one reader thought was a ringer for Penelope Cruz.

Then there is John Knowles, who reminds some of his clients of country singer Tim McGraw.

Hansma is an NCHA Non-Pro Hall of Fame member with nearly $1 million in earnings.

Knowles is a large animal veterinarian whose clients include Buffalo Ranch, Farmington, UT, home of cutting horse stars and sires TR Dual Rey, Hydrive Cat, Laredo Blue, Meradas Blue Sue, Highlight Cat, Lots Of Acres, and Lenas Telesis.

Watch for more look-alikes in the weeks to come. Your ideas are welcome.