Here’s a look at the qualifiers from last night’s Ford NCHA Super Stakes Non-Pro Semi-Finals in Fort Worth, Texas:

219.0 Playin N Fancy Smart Glade Knight
m Smart Little Lena Playin N Fancy Peppy Freckles Playboy

219.0 Rubys Royal CD Bonnie Martin
m CD Royal Smart Little Ruby Smart Little Lena

218.0 Cats Ruby Chad Bushaw
m High Brow Cat Rubys Rhapsody Grays Starlight

216.0 Tassa Cat Beau Galyean
g High Brow Cat Smart Little Tassa Smart Little Lena

216.0 Redneck Yachtclub Mary Ann Rapp
g San Tule Freckles Sheyssmartlittlelena Smart Little Lena

216.0 Cash My Boon Paula Wood
g Duals Blue Boon Rio Chick Gay Cash Quixote Rio

215.5 MH Unexplainable Dustin Adams
s Smart Sugar Badger Justa Ginnin Miss Justa Swinging Peppy

215.0 Oscar Boon Hope Mitchell
s Peptoboonsmal Cowstruck Smart Little Lena

215.0 The Big Bucks Deena Adams
g Smart Sugar Badger Boonsmal Doctress Peptoboonsmal

215.0 Aristodox Nelson Knight
m Playdox Aristocrats Playgirl Smart Aristocrat

215.0 Playin At The Mall Jim Vangilder
g Playdox Poosmal Peptoboonsmal

214.5 Joys Indian Pep Justin Cunningham
m Hickorys Indian Pep Playboys Joy Freckles Playboy

214.0 Tracks On The Moon Nick Karanges
g DJ Tracker Same Lake Same Moon Laker Doc

214.0 Swingin Star Pepto Mary Ann Rapp
m Peptoboonsmal Swingin Star Lady Justa Swinging Peppy

214.0 Magnifi Cat Mike Rutherford Jr
m High Brow Cat Sally Cielo Gallo Del Cielo

214.0 Smart Taz Trouble Mike Rutherford Jr
g Pepto Taz Pretty Much Troule Smart And Trouble

214.0 Foxie Cat Dual Carl Smith
s High Brow Cat Playmate Dual Foxie Playmates Dually

213.5 Hick Of A Mate Darren Blanton
g Smart Mate Hickorys Badgerina Doc’s Hickory

213.0 Crossing Red River Will Arthur
s Hes A Peptospoonful Smarts Love County Smart Little Lena

212.5 Sarahs Super Cat Glade Knight
m High Brow Cat Sarahs Super Dually Dual Pep