NCHA Futurity champion High Brow CD, ridden by Austin Shepard for Arthur Noble, held his ground as reigning money earner from the crop of 2004, with a 222-point victory, worth $30,000, in the 2008 Augusta Futurity. The High Brow Cat son, out of a CD Olena daughter, qualified for the finals with go-round scores of 217. 5 and 213. It was his first major limited age event since the NCHA Futurity in December. He has now earned $280,000.

CDs Starlight Ms, by CD Olena, ridden by Allen Crouch for George Moore Jr., was reserve with 219 points. Shepard had won the 2007 edition of the Augusta Classic riding Woody Be Tuff, owned by Lana Peacock, and was a finalist in this year’s Classic on Ginas Cat and San Tule Uno.

High Brow CD is one of just two horses to win both the NCHA Futurity and the Augusta Futurity. Chiquita Pistol, who went on to win the NCHA Triple Crown, claimed the 2003 Augusta Futurity. Her rider, Tag Rice, won the 2008 Augusta Classic riding Copaspepto for Marvine Ranch.

Here’s a look at all of the Augusta Futurity Open finalists:

222.0 High Brow CD, R: Austin Shepard; O: Arthur Noble
s (High Brow Cat x Sweet Little Cd, by Cd Olena)
Earned: $30,000

219.5 CDS Starlight MS, R: Allen Crouch; O: George/Karen Moore Jr
m (Cd Olena x Jessies Starlight Ms, by Grays Starlight)
Earned: $20,000

217.5 Dual Rey Me Cat, R: Brad Mitchell; O: Painted Springs Farm
s (Dual Rey x Sheza Smart Cat, by High Brow Cat)
Earned: $13,000

216.5 A Peppy Little Widow, R: Sam Shepard; O: Steve Owen
s (Widows Freckles x Dual Peps Olady, by Dual Pep)
Earned: $11,000

216.0 Sarahs Super Cat, R: John Mitchell; O: Slate River Ranch
m (High Brow Cat x Sarahs Super Dually, by Dual Pep)
Earned: $10,000

216.0 Peptos Stylish Miss, R: John Mitchell; O: Slate River Ranch
m (Peptoboonsmal x Stylish And Foxie, by Docs Stylish Oak)
Earned: $10,000

216.0 Financial Sugar, R: Ryon Emerton; O: Mike Rutherford Jr
s (Smart Sugar Badger x Quite The Cat, by High Brow Cat)
Earned: $10,000

215.5 KR Cat Man Due, R: David Stewart; O: Aldridge Farm
s (High Brow Cat x Fletchs Amigo, by Jae Bar Fletch)
Earned: $8,750

215.5 Cats Ruby, R: Sean Flynn; O: Chad Bushaw
m (High Brow Cat x Rubys Rhapsody, by Grays Starlight)
Earned: $8,750

215.0 Aristo Twister, R: John Mitchell; O: Slate River Ranch
g (Smart Aristocrat x Sheza Jazzy Player, by Freckles Playboy)
Earned: $8,000

214.0 Little Tazman, R: John Wold; O: Furst Ranch
g (Pepto Taz x A Zack Cut Jewel, by Zack T Wood)
Earned: $7,000

214.0 Hard Hat Henry, R: Lloyd Cox; O: ATL Cutting Horses
s (High Brow Cat x Baby Socks Nurse, by Freckles Loverboy)
Earned: $7,000

214.0 Shady Boonlight, R: Jody Galyean; O: Richard Bergquist
g (Boonlight Dancer x Shady Little Cat, by High Brow Cat)
Earned: $7,000

213.5 Rey To Play, R: Lloyd Cox; O: Linda Holmes
m (Dual Rey x Playboys Molly, by Freckles Playboy)
Earned: $6,000

213.0 Silverado Prom Queen, R: Bubba Matlock; O: Jerry Durant
m (Peptoboonsmal x Jr Colord Prom, by Color Me Smart)
Earned: $5,500

210.0 Moms Stylish Scoot, R: Jason Clark; O: Darren Blanton
m (Smart Lil Scoot x Moms Stylish Pepto, by Peptoboonsmal)
Earned: $5,000

209.0 Ellie Mae Rey, R: Phil Rapp; O: Jim McNulty
m (Dual Rey x Jm Starlight Express, by Grays Starlight)
Earned: $4,500

207.0 Hick Of A Mate, R: Jason Clark; O: Darren Blanton
g (Smart Mate x Hickorys Badgerina, by Doc’s Hickory)
Earned: $4,000

195.0 Dr Cuzin, R: Ronnie Rice; O: Kelly Schaar
s (Dual Rey x Short Candy, by Shorty Lena)
Earned: $3,500

182.0 Oh Stylish Lizzy, R: Matt Budge; O: Paul / Jackie Fehrenbach
m (Lizzys Gotta Player x Oh Stylish Sugar, by Docs Stylish Oak)
Earned: $1,995

180.0 RJJ Scootin Tanquery, R: Jon Burgess; O: Merwyn Grant
s (Smart Lil Scoot x Miss Peppy Tanquery, by Tanquery Gin)
Earned: $1,995

0.0 Special Nu Kitty, R: Clint Allen; O: Wrigley Ranches
m (High Brow Cat x Nu I Wood, by Zack T Wood)
Earned: $1,995