Jeremy Barwick marked 231 on two-time World Champion Dual Rey Me to dominate the second round of the Mercuria Energy NCHA World Finals Wednesday night in Fort Worth, Texas. Austin Shepard, riding first-round winner Thomas E Hughes, placed second with a 225.5. Dual Rey Me has a $9,481 lead over Thomas E Hughes in the World Champion’s race.

“This horse tries so hard and you can cut as bad a cow as you want and he’s not going to miss it,” Barwick said. “He likes to go fast and stop hard. That’s really his deal, so it worked out really good tonight.”

Dual Rey Me’s $6,410 paycheck lifted his career earnings to $763,657. Barwick said he and his wife, Candy, hope to make the 10-year-old Dual Pep gelding the sport’s all-time leading money earner before retiring him.

Wednesday’s performance put Dual Rey Me half a point ahead of Thomas E Hughes for the World Finals title.

Here’s a look at round 2 of the Open World Finals:

Score Horse Owner Rider Earned 2009 $
231.0 Dual Rey Me Candace & Jeremy Barwick Jeremy Barwick $6,410 $84,681
225.5 Thomas E Hughes Don & Kathy Boone Austin Shepard $5,128 $75,199
225.0 Cats Dual Olena Jarrett & Shannon Callahan Eddie Braxton $3,846 $26,032
223.0 Jazzys Pep Talk W T Alexander Robert Rust $2,821 $47,701
223.0 Whittle Wed Boon Kate Gaughan Cookie Banuelos $2,821 $31,130
220.0 Captains Choice Joe & Stacey Robinson Casey Crouch $1,794 $26,471
220.0 Starcat Merada Daniel Jaeggi Chubby Turner $1,794 $22,137
218.5 Hick Chicaroo Latigo Canyon Ranch Scott Weis $1,026 $24,704
216.5 Acres Upon Acres Jane & Johnny Mancuso Raymond Shumate $31,407
215.0 Tronas Chex Dale & Erin Robbins Dale Robbins $22,830
211.0 Cats Royal Jewel Robert & Connie Rust Robert Rust $34,274
200.0 Neat Little Cat Jim & Judy Spaulding Scott McClurg $52,481
0.0 Lenas Dualin Buck Daniel Mike Coleman $43,956
0.0 Stylish Curly Katherine MacMillan Tanner Curly Tully $33,091
0.0 Play Peek A Boon Oxbow Ranch Lindy Burch $19,224