West Texas FuturityAn all-star cast has been assembled for Saturday’s Mercuria NCHA World Series of Cutting finals at the West Texas Futurity in Amarillo.

Since the World Series was launched in 2009, more than $4.4 million has been paid out in purses for horses that have the talent – and the experience – to be at the top of their game.

Four hundred eighty-seven individual horses, 484 owners and 368 riders have shared in those purses, providing new incentives to horses that may have graduated out of their limited age event careers.

Fourteen of Saturday’s riders have earned their place in either the NCHA Riders or Non-Pro Hall of Fame.

This is the first time the West Texas Futurity has hosted the Mercuria NCHA World Series of Cutting. The 23 horses in the West Texas finals have combined earnings of more than $4.2 million. The riders have earned more than $39.9 million.

Top qualifier Cullen Chartier and Little Pepto Cat marked 228 in the Open Mercuria go-round.
Top qualifier Cullen Chartier and Little Pepto Cat marked 228 in the Open Mercuria go-round.

Horses qualified for the finals have already won a total of seven Mercuria NCHA World Series finals. The riders of  18 previous winners are showing.

It took a score of 224 or better – believed to be a Mercuria record – to advance to the Open finals. Cullen Chartier led the way with a 228 on Little Pepto Cat, owned by Mary Jo Milner. Milner, who has won a record eight Non-Pro World Championships, also qualified the gelding for the Non-Pro finals.

Julie Jarma led the Non-Pro qualifiers with a 225 on SS Blacks Lil Kitty. Lloyd Cox also made the Open finals with the 10-year-old mare.

If Non-Pro qualifier Constance Jaeggi should win, it would give her a record seven Mercuria Non-Pro victories. She’s currently tied with Dan Hansen at six.

Watch the live webcast Saturday evening.

Open Finalists

  • Little Pepto Cat, Cullen Chartier, 228.0
  • Ichis My Choice, Grant Setnicka, 227.5
  • Glitter Done, Adan Banuelos, 227.0
  • Donas Suen Boon, Kobie Wood, 226.0
  • No Way In Hal, Lloyd Cox, 226.0
  • Cats Sheree, Sean Flynn, 226.0
  • SS Blacks Lil Kitty, Lloyd Cox, 225.0
  • Eazee E, Tatum Rice, 225.0
  • George C Merada, John Wold, 224.5
  • CR Sun Reys, Boyd Rice, 224.0
  • Cats In Ya Dreams, Jason Taylor, 224.0
  • Stylish Bet, Sean Flynn, 224.0
  • Joes Last Cat, Todd Bimat, 224.0

Non-Pro Finalists

  • SS Blacks Lil Kitty, Julie Jarma, 225.0
  • Swoopn Indian, Constance Jaeggi, 224.0
  • Hay U, Kade Smith, 224.0
  • Sweet Little Cats, Joe Howard Williamson, 223.5
  • Woodys Baby, April Widman, 222.5
  • Peptotoodie, Chad Bushaw, 222.0
  • Louellas Cat, Andrew Viola, 221.0
  • Sir Stylish Lizzy, Kaitlyn Wimberly, 221.0
  • Lenas Star War, Katie Rice, 221.0
  • PKR Big Mac, Michelle Anderson, 220.0
  • The Cuteness, Codie Green, 219.5
  • Little Pepto Cat, Mary Jo Milner, 219.5