Cutter the Little Red Dog

March 15th, 2008

Lots of cutters are Aussies, but only one stars in his own series of books.

Cutter, the Little Red Dog, belongs to Evonne Severinsen, who lives on a ranch near her daughter and son-in-law, Robin and Frank Merrill. Frank, who recently handed over the reins as president of the American Quarter Horse Association, is a non-pro cutter, as are his daughters McKenzie and Megan. It was Megan who suggested the name Cutter for the red Australian Terrier pup that Evonne brought home nine years ago.

“When I was a puppy, I played with the cats and kittens the same as a horse cuts cattle,” Cutter explains in his first book, “Cutter Grows Up.” While a penchant to cut cats inspired his barn name, despite his red hair, Cutter is a blueblood. His father is champion Scarlett’s Red Hot Chili; his mother is Scarlett O’Hair; and Cutter’s official name is Scarlett’s Red Butler.

Evonne was raised on a ranch in Heppner, Oregon, and married Doc Severinsen, the son of the local dentist. Doc became the leader of Johnny Carson’s Tonight Show Band in 1967, but Robin and her sister Judy grew up riding horses on the ranch in Oregon. Judy is the wife of Bubba Cascio, who trained the great Quarter racing champion Dash For Cash.

The Cutter the Little Red Dogs series started as little albums for family and friends of Evonne, who loves to travel and takes Cutter along wherever she goes. Eventually, friends convinced her that the books were too good not to share. The series of five full-color books come in a bone-shaped carrying case with a Cutter “doll.” In addition to Cutter Grows Up, the titles include: Cutter & Friends; Cutter Dresses Up; Cutter Goes West; and Cutter, Back at the Ranch.

The books are available through Cutter’s Friends, 21072 Sonner Ave, Purcell, OK 73080, phone 405-834-1554.