High Brow CD secures third major win

February 2nd, 2008

NCHA Futurity champion High Brow CD claimed his third major title in as many events with a 228-point win in the 2008 Tunica (formerly Memphis) Futurity on Friday night. Special Nu Kitty placed second with 224.

“He’s one of those you dream about,” said High Brow CD’s trainer, Austin Shepard. “He’s just one of those that makes you feel like you’re bullet proof.”

Purchased as a yearling for $63,000 by Arthur Noble at the NCHA Futurity Sales from breeder Bob Wendell, High Brow CD won the NCHA Futurity semi-finals with 224 points; aced the NCHA Futurity with 226 points; then took Augusta with 222. He is the only horse in history to have won at the NCHA Futurity, Augusta Futurity and Tunica (Memphis), plus the NCHA semi-finals.

“He’s just real smart,” said Shepard of the 4-year-old stallion. “He wants to do right. He’s one step away from having his own barn in my house. He’s my buddy.”

High Brow CD is by High Brow Cat out of Sweet Lil CD, by CD Olena. Sweet Lil CD, the earner of more than $100,000, is half-sister to Sweet Lil Pepto, LTE $218,655; sire Pepto Taz, LTE $130,174; and Sweet Lil Boo LTE $61,759. Second dam Sweet Lil Lena is a full sister to sire Smart Lil Scoot, earner of $266,425.

Here’s how the 4-year-old Open finals turned out at Tunica:

228.0 High Brow CD, R: Shepard, Austin; O: Noble, Arthur
s (High Brow Cat x Sweet Little CD, by CD Olena)
Earned: $22,000

224.0 Special Nu Kitty, R: Allen, Clint; O: Wrigley Ranches
m (High Brow Cat x Nu I Wood, by Zack T Wood)
Earned: $17,624

220.0 Peptacular, R: Gaines, Matt; O: Gaines, Matt & Tara
m (Peptoboonsmal x Miss Echo Wood, by Doctor Wood)
Earned: $14,314

218.5 Moms Stylish Scoot, R: Clark, Jason; O: Blanton, Darren
m (Smart Lil Scoot x Moms Stylish Pepto, by Peptoboonsmal)
Earned: $11,003

217.5 Shady Boonlight, R: Galyean, Jody; O: Bergquist, Richard
g (Boonlight Dancer x Shady Little Cat, by High Brow Cat)
Earned: $10,253

216.0 A Smooth Solution, R: Simon, Grant; O: Filho, Armando Costa
m (Smooth As A Cat x Smart Solution, by Smart Little Lena)
Earned: $9,128

216.0 Short Scootin, R: Robinson, Wayne; O: Jarma, Don & Debbie
g (Smart Lil Scoot x Shortcake Berry, by Shorty Lena)
Earned: $9,128

215.0 Oscar Boon, R: Simon, Grant; O: Mitchell, John & Hope
s (Peptoboonsmal x Cowstruck, by Smart Little Lena)
Earned: $8,002

214.0 SR Little Badger, R: Marvin, Tommy; O: Rodrock, Darol & Karen
s (Smart Little Jerry x SR Doc Lena Badger, by Doc’s Hickory)
Earned: $7,252

213.5 Wilds My Thing, R: Morris, Casey; O: Butler, Bobby & Francie
s (Wild Thing DNA x Lenas Star Gona Shin, by Lenas Star)
Earned: $6,502

213.0 Cat With A Hat, R: Rice, Tag; O: Durant, Jerry
s (High Brow Cat x Lenas Tiny Star, by Doc O’lena)
Earned: $5,376

213.0 Elleanor, R: Galyean, Wesley; O: Rodrock, Darol & Karen
m (Hes A Peptospoonful x Royal Sho Cat, by High Brow Cat)
Earned: $5,376

212.5 Peptos Stylish Miss, R: Mitchell, John; O: Slate River Ranch
m (Peptoboonsmal x Stylish And Foxie, by Docs Stylish Oak)
Earned: $4,251

211.5 Dual N At Noon, R: Wagner, Roger; O: Vangilder, James
m (Dual Pep x Sugar Dox, by Playdox)
Earned: $3,501

211.0 Amorous Cat, R: Budge, Matt; O: Jackpot Ranch
m (High Brow Cat x Jae Bar Birdie, by Doc’s Jack Sprat)
Earned: $2,188

211.0 Hick Of A Mate, R: Clark, Jason; O: Blanton, Darren
g (Smart Mate x Hickorys Badgerina, by Doc’s Hickory)
Earned: $2,188

211.0 Kitty Cow Smart, R: Townsend, Josh; O: Main River Quarter Horses
m (High Brow Cat x Dox Cow Smart, by Doc O’lena)
Earned: $2,188

211.0 Meradas Sassy Girl, R: Blakesley, Dirk; O: Stallkamp, Dale
m (Meradas Money Talks x Lenas Sass N Brass, by Doc O’lena)
Earned: $2,188

210.0 Dual Rey Me Cat, R: Mitchell, Brad; O: Painted Springs Farm
s (Dual Rey x Sheza Smart Cat, by High Brow Cat)
Earned: $2,000

209.0 Boonlights Dixie, R: Payne, James; O: Polo Ranch
m (Boonlight Dancer x Little Dixie Pep, by Freckles Merada)
Earned: $2,000

208.0 Grandpaws Playgirl, R: Davis, Brett; O: Lewis, Leon
m (Wise Play x Tino Hickory, by Hickory Gay Bar)
Earned: $2,000

205.0 Pretty Rose Marie, R: Wheatley, Aaron; O: Waggoner, Jack & Susan
m (Pretty Boy Cat x Rose Marie Merada, by Freckles Merada)
Earned: $2,000

191.0 This Kats King, R: Flynn, Sean; O: Rancharrah
s (High Brow Cat x Dox King Becky 095, by King Peppy San)
Earned: $2,000

180.0 Toni The Tigress, R: Gaines, Matt; O: Husby, Dave & Georgia
m (High Brow Cat x Tinseltown Toni, by Travalena)
Earned: $2,000

0.0 Catrina Starlight, R: Morine, Bruce; O: Perks, Lachlan
m (High Brow Cat x Stella Starlight, by Grays Starlight)
Earned: $2,000

0.0 Catsanova, R: Morine, Bruce; O: Scherrer, Nelson
s (High Brow Cat x Poco Rosy Poco, by Smart And Trouble)
Earned: $2,000

0.0 Cool Blue Cat, R: Matlock, Bubba; O: Durant, Jerry
s (High Brow Cat x Moms Stylish Pepto, by Peptoboonsmal)
Earned: $2,000

0.0 Delights Lil Jerry, R: Davis, Brett; O: Davis, Brett & Lisa
m (Smart Little Jerry x Delightful Doctor, by Doctor Como)
Earned: $2,000

0.0 Desires Little Rex, R: Matlock, Bubba; O: Durant, Jerry
s (Smart Little Lena x Desire Some Freckles, by Freckles Playboy)
Earned: $2,000

0.0 Duce On The River, R: Galyean, Jody; O: Beard, Rick
g (Ducelena x Lady Powder River, by Powder River Playboy)
Earned: $2,000

0.0 Oh Stylish Lizzy, R: Budge, Matt; O: Fehrenbach, Paul
m (Lizzys Gotta Player x Oh Stylish Sugar, by Docs Stylish Oak)
Earned: $2,000

0.0 Style O Lizzy, R: Davis, Brett; O: Browne, Spanky
m (Lizzys Gotta Player x Legacy Of Style, by Docs Stylish Oak)
Earned: $2,000