Taylor Carbo and Ali Good 2010 Youth Champions

July 16th, 2010
Taylor Carbo

Senior champion Taylor Carbo with Cats Starlight.

It was no-holds-barred yesterday in the NCHA Youth Scholarship Cutting, where Ali Good, 11, Ringling, OK, claimed the Junior championship with 224 points on Cees Little Poo, owned by former Junior Youth champion Lauren Middleton.

Taylor Carbo, 17, Plaquemine, LA, won the Senior Youth with 220.5 points on Cats Starlight; Blaze Cogdell, 18, Tulia, TX, scored 220 on Dual With Lena for reserve.

It was Sydney Roland, 12, riding Miss Smokin Garfield, who set the bar with 223 points midway through the first set of the Junior division.

“It was a little bit frightening at times, but a lot of fun,” said Sydney, daughter of Holly and Lee Francois.

Cade Hansma cracked the second set of the Junior Youth with 222 points riding Patrick La Dual, owned by Tara Gaines.

Ali Good

Junior champion Ali Good with Lauren Middleton and Cees Little Poo.

Ali Good and Cees Little Poo were fifth to the bunch – the same spot that the gelding’s owner, Lauren Middleton, drew when she won the event in 2001 on Widows Freckles.

“My grandfather helped me pick pick my cows,” said Ali, whose grandfather is NCHA Hall of Fame rider Bill Riddle.

Blaze Cogdell, 18, Tulia, TX, picked ip the pace in the Senior Youth Finals, when he scored 220 points as the eight rider in the second set.

“That mare took care of me,” said Blaze, who showed 6-year-old Dual With Lena, owned and shown successfully in limited age events by his mother, Kippi Cogdell.

One rider separated Blaze and champion Taylor Carbo, 17, who earned 220.5 for his win aboard Cats Starlight. The 7-year-old gelding is Taylor’s main mount in his campaign for the 2010 Senior Youth World Championship.

“When I cut my last (second) cow, I didn’t know how much time I had left,” said Taylor. “I was waiting to get off of it and when it stopped, I just quit it. I tried to cut another one, but I didn’t have time.”

Taylor, who is one the road this year with Jeremy and Candace Barwick, is currently ranked second in the NCHA Senior Youth World standings with 110 points, behind Alannah Chalmers with 135 points.