Northwest CHA Ranch Festival Futurity

August 29th, 2007

Shad Platt won the Northwest CHA Ranch Festival Futurity on August 27 riding Smokes Little Remedy, owned by Rance and Rhea Smith of Eagle Point, Oregon. Smokes Little Remedy is the first NCHA money earner for his sire, Mr Southern Smoke. The 3-year-old’s dam is Smart Little Remedy, a Smart Little Lena mare that Julie Roddy rode to both the Open and Non-Pro finals of the 1989 NCHA Futurity. Here’s a look at all of the finalists in the Northwest CHA Ranch Festival Futurity, held in Fort Klamath, Oregon:

222.0 Smokes Little Remedy, R: Platt, Shad; O: Smith, Rance or Rhea
s (Mr Southern Smoke x Smart Little Remedy, by Smart Little Lena)
Earned: $20,099

218.0 Babes Stylish Cat, R: Jordan, Gavin; O: Chatfield, Corey
s (High Brow Cat x Shes A Stylish Babe, by Docs Stylish Oak)
Earned: $16,069

215.0 Bodee Me Up, R: Miller, Russ; O: Martin, Frank & Bonnie
m (Bodee Boonsmal x Smart Me Up, by Smart Little Lena)
Earned: $12,388

214.0 Hickorys Dual Pep, R: Long, Tom; O: Ruby View Quarter Horses
s (Dual Pep x Hickorys Red Rey, by Doc’s Hickory)
Earned: $8,707

213.5 Cats Full Moon, R: Schlesinger, Steve; O: Brinkman Ranch
s (High Brow Cat x Darlin Little Dually, by Dual Pep)
Earned: $5,417

213.5 Pouncin, R: Miller, Russ; O: Foote, Kathy & Jonathan
m (High Brow Cat x Sneakin Up Onu, by Sneakin Lena)
Earned: $5,417

213.5 Ms Indian Pep, R: Weis, Scott; O: Douglas, Michael
m (Hickorys Indian Pep x Sr Jet Setter, by Smart Little Lena)
Earned: $5,417

213.0 Ragtimes Lil Grace, R: Smith, Tim; O: Hare Quarter Horses
m (Smart Little Pistol x Ragtime CD, by CD Olena)
Earned: $4,357

213.0 Ilikethewayyoumove, R: Johnsrud, Chris; O: Silverberg, Suzanne Rodoni
(Ill Be Smart x A Glows Little Rio, by Powder River Playboy)
Earned: $4,357

211.0 A Little Bit Reycy, R: Long, Tom; O: Long, Jill & Tom
s (Dual Rey x Hicks Little Diamond, by Doc’s Hickory)
Earned: $3,974

211.0 Diamond J Stardom, R: Cromer, Morgan; O: Siebel, Judy
s (Diamond J Star x Little Valedictorian, by Smart Little Lena)
Earned: $3,974

210.0 Smart Cha Ching, R: Miller, Russ; O: Miller, Jill & Russ
m (Smart Little Lena x Quanahs Miss N Reno, by Quanah O Lena)
Earned: $3,592

210.0 Smart Tule Light, R: Long, Tom; O: Freeman, Rees & Nicole
g (San Tule Freckles x Lenas Light Star, by Grays Starlight)
Earned: $3,592

209.0 CR Roan Ranger, R: Cromer, Morgan; O: Freitas, Eric
m (Hes A Peptospoonful x My How Nice, by Dual Pep)
Earned: $3,209

209.0 See Da Sugar, R: Smith, Tim; O: McNeel, Wayne or Kathryn
s (CD Royal x Travasugar, by Travalena)
Earned: $3,209

208.0 Blazin Cattin, R: Sargood, Matt; O: Knutson, Ron
s (Cattin x Salena Starlight, by Grays Starlight)
Earned: $2,922

206.0 Sheree Boonsmal, R: Smith, Tim; O: Jenkins, Ross & Carol
m (Peptoboonsmal x My Sweet Sheree, by Freckles Playboy)
Earned: $2,731

203.0 Missin Starlena, R: Platt, Shad; O: Nevis, Sam
m (Pastels Smart Lena x Missin Bunny, by Miss N Cash)
Earned: $2,539

198.0 Imadazzlintaz, R: Weis, Scott; O: Sandford, Julie
m (Pepto Taz x Jamie Montana, by Montana Doc)
Earned: $2,348

195.0 PPH A Real Playgun, R: Hanson, Phil; O: Peterson, Sheryl & Tom
s (Playgun x A Real Desire, by Genuine Doc)
Earned: $2,157

191.0 Rumsmal Doll, R: Campbell, Tom; O: Ward, Carol
m (Bodee Boonsmal x Classy Squall, by Rum Squall)
Earned: $2,000

191.0 Smart Crackin Taz, R: Hanson, Phil; O: Holt, Jack & Heidi
m (Pepto Taz x Smart Crack, by High Brow Hickory)
Earned: $2,000

189.0 Dual Peps Diva, R: Setnicka, Grant; O: Black Rock Ranch
m (Dual Pep x Smokin Huntress, by Smokin Jose)
Earned: $2,000

182.0 Time For A Replay, R: Sargood, Matt; O: Dillion, Carmen
s (To Short To Play x Peppys Little Windy, by Pirate Peppy)
Earned: $2,000

0.0 Du Bellena, R: Smith, Tim; O: Bachelor, Bill
m (Dual Pep x Belles Little Lena, by Smart Little Lena)
Earned: $2,000

0.0 Merrys Peppy Taz, R: Weis, Scott; O: Brazill, Mark & Shelly
m (Pepto Taz x Merry Playgirl, by Freckles Playboy)
Earned: $2,000

0.0 Play N Time, R: Costello, Dave; O: Petterson, Steven & Kay
m (Peptotime x Play Barbie Doll, by Freckles Playboy)
Earned: $2,000